Friday, March 06, 2009

Quick update before I drift to lala land.
I slept at 4am last night and I woke at 9am.
So I'm pretty sleepy now.

Met Gab bff up for dinner just now.
We went to Jap Village but they changed to Buffet restaurant already wtf.
So we went back to Hei Sushi.

Ate a whole load of stuff, shared.
And then he sent me home lo.
Sandals broke, wtf2.

Don't ask me why I look so weird.
I always look weird under flash.
But complexion looked great haha.

Stupid bff is so skinny now.
Too stressed lah!

Whole floor of fallen flowers.
Bff asked me to pose and I was like, huh what.

Tampines One is almost done!
This pic is to tell Yan: Neh neh ni boo boo!

to dear vaal and kate.
I'm making full use of my $10 PJ.

I miss my babes tons.
I miss my Bestie.
I miss Paul and my triple As.

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