Saturday, October 11, 2008

My bones are cracking!
Tired... and Mama Mia Soundtrack repeating on my media player.
Addicted. Haha.

I spent my day with my brother, hiyu jie, jengloon and for a while, Wilson, Terrence and Jing Chang.
Ya, 2 ladies all guys haha.
I was so bored when they were trying to kill the price down in Sim Lim, I talked to the dustbin which was sitting silent beside me.
And all the guys kenna my "lean here, there, everywhere." attack.
I kept leaning on them, whined and yawned hahaha.

Had Victor's for lunch!

Okay lah.
Random pictures from Friday and Sat!

I went to look for blondie on Friday.
I was staring at the greenery and I realised I quite like his void deck haha.
Its just very windy with no mosquitoes!
Green's good for eyes. Hoho.

A very cute kitty we saw along the streets of Bugis!
Just very very cute lah!
It was playing with my brother's keychain.
Its sibling was sitting somewhere near, just observing us haha.

You know why did I took a picture of this tree for of fat pigeons?

Cause I kenna their bomb.
Green shit from them!
On my NEW BAG!
Then my poor kor had to clean it for me =(

I hate you pigeons!

And so did Kor. lol.

Sunset view from my house =D


I was just telling glen how weird my msn exclaimations became.
Buahh, Guaaaah, Cheeeeh.

Maybe the weird one is me, not the words haha.


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