Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I think i've just got the perfect excuse
to let things be the way I want it to be.

Go on.


Well, too late.

But I don't blame anyone.
Nature always has its plans.

Quoted from XXXholic:



It means, whatever that happened would never be

cause in this world, there's only "destined".

Now that I know, I cannot put all my trust in you anymore.

Jeslene lee.
Jeslene lee.
You got to accept the fact...
about yourself.
You know yourself best, dear.
Whatever's that not meant to be,
would not be.
You cannot force yourself to do things that you really couldn't.

I won't place hope.
I won't let myself be so crazy, insane, naive.

I need a giant hug from my blondie.
For now, I shall just be contented with his hugs from yesterday.
At least, I know he's still here for me.

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