Monday, October 20, 2008

Happy 20th


Serena Lee H

To my les partner =P
Been the 2nd year we knew each other (You know since may 2nd hahaha)
But 2 years = not long not short lah.

Stop clubbing like no one's biz leh!
You club u drag me also lor you! *shakes hui*
But I love you so much! HOW!?

...I better run from tong's claws.
I just declared I love you =DDD

Happy 20th! I'll see you later hahahaha!



For those who is wondering what happened to me last night...

I was backing up my stuff.
And my jie's hard disk was full.
So my brother let me use his hark disk, and he didn't state properly that I'm supposed to put all into his hard disk, including those which i backed up already.

And he formatted my comp without notifying me.
Then he deleted all my stuff in my jie's hard disk without asking me.
And he yelled at me without an apology when that's all I wanted.

Those stuff...
Are memories of 4 to 5 years.
Of people who I don't contact anymore.
Of people who I loved.
You may think its just photos and all, why so worked up?

You lost someone dear to you.
And those were the only things that can lead you on.
And give you courage as you walk on.

Would you?

My eyelids are so swollen, I have fat double eyelids.
Cool eh.

And because of all the extreme sobbings in front of my parents,
I'm granted a sch day off.

But miss my kathykatiekate & vaalvaal like hell.
My PS-s always can cheer me and make me irritated haha.
Thanks for the calls yesterday lovers! <3

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