Friday, October 24, 2008

A quick look at my photobucket, and I realised there were quite some photoshop stuff I've did long long ago.
Maybe 5 years ago?
Pretty impressive, to have such skills since those times.
Yes I'm praising myself, does it matter?
I have an ego, you know.

And so the most recent graphic I've done was my blog banner.
Ah well.
I've lost all brushes and textures and it'll take alot of time for me to get them back.
Though brushes are not necessary sometimes, but helps with enhancing =(
O've just have to make do with manipulating, layers and blendings.

I love my friends no matter how bitchy they are.
Cause no one is perfect.
People are only perfect when they come together as a jigsaw puzzle (I almost typed pizza, comical sia) and make the perfect harmony.

I'm not really a bitchy person by nature.
But it struck me, being bitchy is better than being a bimbo,
cause at least bitches can hold intellectual conversations.

Maybe one day, I'll turn catty.
And I'll be totally vixenfied.
Then Serena Lee would have to watch out muahahahah.

<3s Vaal!

I double <3s Vaal!
Maybe I should stop disturbing her by saying she would be sleeping with 68 different people everynight because of her extensions.

Why no kathy?
Got, all in Vaal's thumbdrive.
Love my 三八s.

Post it wall outside cathy!
Looks pretty fun.
And gosh the stuff they wrote on the post it tags are pretty funny lor.

Maybe you're on it HAHA.
Maybe someone confessed to you on it!
Maybe someone described you as a lao tiko on it!

Don't 心虚 leh.

Pretty much how I feel now.
But someone cheered me.
And with my girls around, its never too dull.

I see alot of familiar, and very recognisable IP address around my blog ever since my links increased.
And oh, I realised I've been blogging since 2002.
I just checked my other blog.
Lao blogger.

What's with kids these days?

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