Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Decided to do a little update.
Better do so, if not I'll just leave this blog to wither and die.
Recently loads of things happened and I didn't have much time to receive the changes officially.
Tons of trouble for me to break out from.

Then my dear sweetheart in red came visiting today,
cramps kill so before I felt the pain, I told the girls I'm not appearing in school.
Risk econs, or my life?

I practically slumped the whole day away listening to MamaMia, soundtrack.
I can memorise the sequence of the songs already =.=
And my mom kept waltzing into my room to listen to the songs.
I had loads of queer short dreams while trying to sleep.
Makes me think even more.
What a thinker/dreamer I am. Shakes head man.

Ohoh, Tong and I visited Anne yesterday in NUH.
She was still in operation when we arrived so we went to the playground nearby the ward to you know, just camwhore only.

My humble mini adobe =P

But anyway, when we went into the isolation ward, maryanne was in pain after the operation.
She told us she's fine but the stupid pain is pulling at her muscles.
But glad to see she's doing okay.

Tong and I headed to bugis after =P

Sat was K-Lunch trip with Kailin & Yen.
I super high haha.
We went robinsons sale after wendy joined us and then sashayed around simei.

Its Pudding & AngTuKuey!

Taken that day I went to kai-ma's birthday dinner then to Paul's place.
$10 dresses do help after all =P

Camwhoring ON the escalator.
Kids, better don't learn. I've got practice =D

Tomorrow will be back to lectures...
Thurs... heh.
Friday... Hehhehheh, I'm heading to bukit batok. Can DIE.
Sat & Sun, working maybe? *throws a glance at hui*


I wanna go to the Zoo.

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