Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Jes ah Jes!
Its time for you to get over and done with that emo bug loitering around somewhere in your body.
You've got what you wanted today and that's enough isn't it?
Stop hoping to have what you can't.

Like, I feel like a living corpse without my photoshop.
So pardon these photos, which colours look like shit.

Photos from yesterday:

The birthday girl! <3

Crazy people.

I second that...

Haha I forced hui to eat the strawberry.

Anyway, hui I hope you enjoyed the very least of everything =)
Me love you deep deep!

Meeting up with bestie tomorrow.
And Swimming on thurs.
Sat K lunching with my ps-s, yes?

I'm addicted to SHE's 612 Xing Qiu.
I don't know why, it just pulls me in, and I sink.
I was listening to FM this afternoon on my way home from shenton.
And I heard JJ sang:


I can only say, its true.

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