Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Other things don't matter anymore.
As long as you know who left you a place in their hearts.
That's just enough isn't it?

Someone would be arriving in SG next month.
I would need all my courage and a sweet Adelene to lead me through.
And when I start thinking about this,
I could hear that guitar.

I think I sorta scared Yun & Hui today.
It wasn't intentional.
Sorry lah.

But anyway, finally met up with Yun.
Loveloves la Chen Pei!

I accompanied Hui to the doc's first.
This girl ah, fever till 38degrees still looked like nothing happened.
Will most prob be going over to her house tomorrow, since she's taking mc.
Loveloves you too Lee Hui!

Lunched at Kobayashi before K Happy at Cine.
Satisfying session.
Abit nonsensical.
But nevertheless, I love my girls.

My phone is now is batt more to being flat.
Cause Lee Hui and Chen Pei kept camwhoring?

Jes's camwhoring skills: Sing, but still pose.

Chen Pei is my loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees!
On la, steady la! Ask Jack out and we'll sing till the wolf howls okay!

And my "darling you're sick lor please lah" lee hui.

Obscene pic of my dog shh shhing.

My eyes are really tired.
Machiam a tap since morning.
So I'm going to ZZZ now.
Swim swim tomorrow!


PS: Me miss my PS lovers in sch.

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