Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Nothing much to update about.
I'm pretty happy right now after having a good night's sleep (and a weird dream)
and I have plans later, lalala~

I spent my public holiday with my family.
To Parkway Parade's Jack's Place~
Bugis was so so crowded, my mum and I almost drowned.

Pictures, please talk.

Two single chopsticks make a pair.
But why waste plastic by packaging them individually?

My mum heard my little whine of "I want pockey, why no pockey in shop n save?"
And she got it for me the next day.
Go on and envy me *winks to hui*

The following pictures were uploaded with wrong sequences.
But be it.

Milktea @ Parkway.
The pearls are so so mini!
But yea, it causes cancer, hor Kelvin & Kathy~ Hohohoho!

Like I said, me love my mum.
Especially when she loves to camwhore like I do.

Brother: Since you're taking a picture of my dessert, then I demand my fingers to be included as well.

Anyway, yes we're okay already.
I was like telling him:


He meekly replied: Sorry lah!

Jeslene is carnivorous you know.
Can't live without steak.

Seafood broth.
Tastes fine.

Total cost for four was 61bucks.
So its like, $15 per person with Coffee/tea, soup & bread, main course & dessert.
MOOOOOSSSS for Jack's Place.

Gotta go prepare now.
I miss my baby so much.

And I'm meeting my Peiyun tomorrow!
Thurs would be swimming again with bestie & kai baby.

How fab can my study week be?

(psst, I haven't started my studying.)

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