Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I finally got to watch Hana Yori Dango Final =D
Met up with Hiyu Jie @ Douby Cathy for it.
For the whole of the movie, I kept going wtf, awwwww, oohhh myyy, hahahahaha.
Don't know, I kept having that "oh that's what Tsukasa will do! ahahah!"

That's a HYD fan for you.
Did I mentioned I read the last book of HYD and totally went gaga over Rui?

But anyway, the movie was good,
pretty funny and interesting, and you can see they spent a bomb on it.
Though some characters are rather out of character (coughruicough) overall it's quite good.
But I think unless you know some basics of Hana Yori Dango, or Meteor Garden, it won't be good as a standalone.

Pros & Cons, but good enough for a die hard HYD fan like me =DD

Taken after the movie
Having cramps right now.
I die die still went for the movie, cause I wanna catch it so badly, plus I don't want to fly Hiyu jie any more aeroplanes.
I'm just glad I didn't drink alot of cold water before today, if not I would be rolling on my bed.
Now I'm hungry, I only had a hotdog and milk tea for dinner, and that was at 7pm.
Glen talked about food and he ordered Mac's.
Made me hungrier.
Psst. That black Siren dress at is OH SO PRETTY.

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