Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Another day gone...
Its already freaking september!
I have like, so many plans for september~
Just cause my birthday would soon be around the corner.
Actually, its not a big deal, but I just like friends to gather for an occasion.

Today was pretty tiring.
I'm like half awake right now, wishing I have got more time to rest till tomorrow.
In my dreams =(
Kathy, Nana & VaalVaal KO-ed durng OB.
How did I managed to stay awake?
Seems like its always me who's awake, in ITE too.

Being the clumsy Jeslenem I broke my shoe today..
Then in the night I scratched my knee against a corner of a wooden display.
Clumsy, but calm enough to laugh at myself.
I reckon its gonna leave a scar. =\

Thanks to Hui for the dress, =D
Had a good dinner gossiping with Hui & Yan tonight, though we're all drop dead tired.
I got myself some nice underwear HAHAHA.

Paul & Carrie: I'm all right don't worry. Just feeling a litlllllllllleeeeeee bit emo lah.
Paul, thanks for the watermelon juice hahaha. You just know what I want don't you, my bestie? =)


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