Friday, September 12, 2008

I had a weird dream last night and its...
Complications, I guess, I could recgonise that voice without any doubt.
What's wrong with me, I wonder?
DMS, I blame it on.

I met up with long time no see Yen & Yu.
Yen was all out to shop, and decided I would be the best shopping companion.
Of course, being so looked up upon, I cannot disappoint her, can I? =P

Raided the whole of Tampines Mall & Century Sq.
Yen really bought alot of things, from tops to shorts to shoes.
As for me, I got myself a colourful v-neck babydoll dress, and the ladies got me a triple coloured dress from Zimple.

Thanks ladies, it costed a bomb, like 50bucks a dress?
I tried stopping them but they just insisted its pretty on me and they just told the sales lady to wrap it up.
They so manly can.
Machiam my bf HAHAHA.

Had dinner @ a chinese place in Century Sq.
Not too bad, I'm just shocked at how much Yen & Yu can eat.

Camwhoring while waiting for food.

Look normal for once haha.

▲ My daughters: Yen & Yu =)
Sorry boys, Yu is taken.
Yen is not though, please register with me first okay =D

Food~ I remembered its chicken.

Appetizer: cold pork with vinegar.

And loads more other food like fried mantou, Siew Mai with fish eggs, Zha Jiang Mian, BakKut LaMian, Spicy & Sour dumplings.

They can really eat.

A very 'come on, sexy ♥' expression from Yen...

And group photo killed by Jeslene's famous shaky-hand syndrome™

Ran into Yu's friend and we chilled out together at my house.
My mum was ashamed of my messy room.


My mood's getting better, so basically its PMS that caused my emotions to roar.
But I have some problems and worries still and I'm taking them on one by one.
First of all, I have to get through my exams.
My weekend is ruined, but after which I would be flying without wings (hopefully)

Wish me luck =)

Stop searching for my friends' name just to find my blog, crazy =.=

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