Friday, September 26, 2008

Yes yes I haven't been updating.
I was busy counting down towards my birthday celebrations!
Which is like, tomorrow haha!
I'm holding a steamboat teppanyaki gathering in my house for my ITE babes & Sec Sch darlings.

But no lah, my birthday is on the 29th.
Tomorrow's my dad's though haha!
Its going to be a darn busy day tomorrow!
Supermarket and stuff.

But I'm happy.
My mood's been up up and down down these days.
Gotta thank this one person who gave me all I wanted.
This person wouldn't read my blog so I'll juz leave it for me to know haha!
Stupid zam was darn late today, gave him a little attitude but haha nothing happened lol.
I just couldn't get angry with him shrugs,

Things happened within my social circle, and I really hope it would turn out all right.
Not asking for anything else you know.
Just all right will do.


But really it is something that I couldn't interfere.

Counting down: 3 days till I turn miserably happy 20th.

I watched Mama Mia! with vaal yesterday!
Oh gosh I just felt like dancing!

Anyway a summary of the movie without major spoilers:
Sophie the lead is going to get married and she wishes for her father to be leading her down the wedding carpet. She managed to get hold of her single mother's diary and realised that she has got three possible fathers, and without telling her mum, she sent invites to all three and thought she would be able to recognize her father with just one look.

But when all three really arrived, she realised she couldn't.
And her mum found out.

So exactly who is her father?

Just watch it man.
I love the movie!

I cried a little and the songs were just great~
By the way, Pierce Brosnan is so so so charming!

I'm in love with musicals and I'm so going to catch High School Musical 3.

Whoo hoo!
Vaal let's be dancing queens!

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