Friday, September 19, 2008

Its a nothing-much-to-settle Friday and my dog barked at nothing in particular.
He woke me up.
Went to the kitchen to see what he was barking at.
Apparently, nothing, but he was facing the living room.

Popo, or ah gong, did you guys came back?
Well, I never know.

My throat's getting slightly better, loads of stuff still stuck in there though.
So irritating.
And I've yet to compose that email to Amos about leaving Hark.
Or updated TatSin about joining Ark.
Wonder if I'll get to meet Sin, Wei & Alan next week.

I spent the whole day slacking at home yesterday since Yen flew me a kite...
I kept wanting to fall asleep.
I should leave the bed as it is man.

On the phone, chatting online and playing with photoshop...
And being the stupid, silly Jeslene...
I forgot to have lunch.
I didn't remember there was such a thing. Haha.
But I was hungry, and that reminded me. (coughgrowlingtummycough)

Oolong Tea, Apples and Mac's Caramel Dip.
Slightly sinful lunch.

And since I was bored I decided to camwhore too.
Without Makeup haha.
I look younger without makeup lol.

I better head for a shower.
Then shentonway for lunch.
then Jurong East to Acer.
Then back home.
Then head out to orchard for gathering.
Then wonder should I head over to Brian's bbq.

I shall see.


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