Sunday, September 21, 2008

Friggin loads of pictures!
I just got home not too long ago, from Chingling's house warming party.
Thanks to her, i smell of smoke, and is home with a full tummy lol.

Pretty lazy to write much, I'm pretty drained.
So let pictures speak!

Like I mentioned, we went to HardRock cafe for a gathering yesterday.
Apparently, the place was so lively, QunYu's bf thought she was clubbing and couldn't believe her when she said she was in a cafe.

We spent 106bucks on 4 plates of food.
And had a mudpie (totally icecream) for free.

I being the sua ku, never been there.
Liked it =)

Randomness, but this is my new toy.
Little Acer.
But alot of people told me acer sucked.
Ah, free anyway.

But cute enough.
I travelled all the way to Jurong east for this.
Speaking of which, I topped up 10bucks just yesterday and due to traveling from Tamp to Shenton, then from Shenton to Jurong and back to Tamp, then Tamp to Orchard and back...

There's nothing left in my card =.=

On to ching's house...

On the top floor of her terrace.

Steps down...

Jeslene's shaky hand syndromes.
So sorry babies =X

And the scandal of Kai & Ching goes on...

The gang playing zhong ji mi ma.
I guess that drink for punishment was pretty nice, though its mixed to be not.

Kai, me & Yan, at Ikea.
We went there to get housewarming gifts for Ching.
Got caught to do survey for Ikea after we had our hotdog and was rewarded ANOTHER hotdog voucher valid only for that day.

So we ate 2 hotdogs. =\

Nono, Wentaro.
*jes waves*

CHing has got her own bathroom!
And her showerhead is sooooooooooooooooo cool can!
Man made rain.
So romantic.
Next time bring my bf go there and pretend we walking under the rain AHHAHA.

In ching's room.
Man, you know her room is like, perfect for camwhoring lo.

Finally, the whole gang.
Sorry peeps, the first picture taken was quite blur.

I'll upload all the photos into a facebook album.
And will tag ppl so no worries =D

Now I'm super tired.
Am going to shower and then rape my bed.

Feeling rather...
That's better than being unhappy I guess.

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