Tuesday, May 06, 2008

You see all these freaking files?

They are called some other weird names before I renamed them.
I renamed ALLLLL of them~


I'm not depressed lah!
Being depressed means I will have thoughts of jumping down a building.
But being me I will only jump down the stairs. Its Tiao Lou too anyway.
Just need sometime to return back to my original self.

Perhaps a happy weekend will help.

Decided to update @ work, cause I don't think I have the time to update when I am at home.

I realised I cannot sleep well in the air con.
All I need is a fan and my bed.
Proven, that Jeslene can sleep way better with just a fan.

Maybe my body is not made for luxury.

Xuan kept saying I spend more than her in a month.
Online, things are cheaper what...
Speaking of which, I've just receieved my mineral eyeshadow from The Angels.

I got myself metallic purple.
Turned out it was metallic purple & hot pink smashed together.
The colour combination is darn good.

Can't wait to see my dark brown one, yet to arrive.

I suppose I still have a few more things arriving today.
Like, eyeshadow...
Mascara from drugstore.com (its a maybelline and cannot be found in SG, heard it was good)
and a halter.

And things from last month.
clothes and hair curler.

But I didn't spend more than 100bucks for all of these you know.
To be honest its just around 60bucks.


You all, always ask where I get such cheap things.
And erh.
You have to dig lah.

I just got a bag for my mum (Second one to add on to her Mother's day prezzie)
for $12 niaaaa~

Shopping fanatic not, I have friends who are crazy over online shopping.
They spend like 300bucks A DAY on online shopping.
Crazy babes.


And long time no see my picture.

May all of you puke your breakfast/Lunch/teabreak/dinner/supper/morning snacks out.

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