Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Today is the 49th day, and the traditionally said day my grandmother leave for paradise.
Took a day off work,
Woke @ 6am.
Headed to Guang Ming Shan by cab.

I gazed at the picture of my popo.
And silently, I said:

"Popo, I'm here."
Had the urge to cry.
But didn't.
So fast eh, all of a sudden, its the 49th day.
Which means, 1 month plus has passed.

Did the ritual and all, and we brought popo to where she wanted to be.
She chose the temple herself and bought a place there to rest in peace.
Its like, 8000bucks per place.
But that place is nice, peaceful and all.
My popo have a good sense of art, I think. Lol.

Headed for lunch with my relatives at this vegetarian place.
The food is gooood.
My auntie said, my popo loved the food there too.

Was driven back to Bugis, which after, I shopped with my parents and auntie.
And being so so so tired...
I fell asleep on the train.

Before you guys think I'm emo-ing, I'm not all rights?
Im fine =)
Thanks to those who asked, Xinyun jie esp, thanks for remembering this day with me =)

Alot of them, old and new.
Outdated ones too haha.

Office boredom.

My singing tool. LOL.
I took this on Sunday, when I went for practice.

And behind me, shall be the audiences.

Dinner @ NYNY:

Bowling ally craze!
Oh btw, if you all (YES LAH YOU ALL LAH) cannot find the pic you really wanted...
Tell me, I have some more but its SO DARK, I surrendered.

They are having a scandal, I swear its true!

Joel is very very entertaining, as you can see.

Dine was BULLYING me loh.

Fatty Jelly beside 2 skinny humans. HMPH.

Dine is very happy to look taller than yan.

And Yan is unhappy about being shorter for once.

Group photo!
My darlings =)

Double group photo!
How come Joel is like, hiding?!

Guangmingshan, early in the morning.
I was a lil sad when I saw this little girl's picture sitting alongside my grandma's.

Very peaceful, fat fat pigeon.

Food, all gone.
My uncle might get angry if I take pictures of the food.
So, better just take what's gone lah.


It feels weird to be giggly all over again.
Now I know how Xinyun jie feels.
And if you guys are wondering...
He is a malay, and he doesn't work in my office.

Oh gosh.
I hope he won't see this HAHAHA.
If not it will be all too obvious.

I was just charmed lah.
My true love is still CHRIS.

*Jes grins*

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