Sunday, May 04, 2008

There are alot of things on my mind.

But I won't speak those thoughts out.
Cause its going to hurt alot of people.


Was really really bored today.
I sorta predicted I would be bored yesterday night,
so I set my phone alarm and woke up at 8am.

Just so that I can tag along with my mom if she decides to head out.
I think I'm crazy lah.
I just didn't want to waste my weekend.

So we did.
Was at the BHG sales since it was the last day.
Told my mum, see anything just buy, cause I'm paying for it.
She bought a handbag and a pair of heels, which of course I paid.
The saleslady exclaimed darn loud:


The cashier looked traumatized cause she was so so loud.

Got myself a top, makeup base and marvel gel.
Basically nothing much, didn't really dare to spend.
Very tight on budget.
Gotta thank paul this time.
Thanks baby.

Went to supermarket after that.
Got M&Ms to replenish our snacks bucket @ work
and instant corn soup.
All for work
Machiam picnic @ work.


Sat was Kboz day.
Kai Lin and I juz walked around town and bugis, then tampines.
Was glad the day turned out well for yanyan.


Actually nothing is wrong.
But it just felt wrong that nothing is wrong.

Tuesday will be meeting vinci after work.
then thurs, with xue wei for practice.

30th May have got another conert.
But friends, please don't come listen to me.
2 songs by me not worthed coming all the way down to hark.


ps: Char owner and ZL daughter, Sunday, on. But I must see if I have another practice on sunday. if so, after 2pm =) @ town is fine. Missing ya two loads =)

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