Saturday, May 24, 2008

No, I haven't been updating...

But I am now, I am!
Like what xinyun jie says, I update like three times a week hahaha!
So am I a regular blogger, or not?

There's this headache bugging me since morning.
Even after I had doses of pain killers.
Argh, man!

I shall summarise the day as:
The crowd at Expo KILLS, I tell you.

1) There have this Adidas warehouse sale.
2) Foodfair.
3) Robinsons Sale
4) Popular Sale

Being Jeslene (And jeslene's mummy) we chionged (well, literally) to shop in Robinsons sales.
And being a porky jelly (say, I might reunite with my jelly friends, ya know, like puddings?) we went to the food fair after.
And being a kiasu singaporean cheapo, we went to popular fair as well, staying for merely 10mins. (Aiya, see see nia lah)

So, reporting to readers what I've got:

ZA Eyeliner (30percent off leh! I AM CHEAPO!)
A bag (That cost like $33 bucks, I think I was charmed)
A top from outfitters ($10)

I shall not mention the food.
My lunch was Okonomiyaki, sharkfin soup and otah.

Deqing was the cashier in the robinsons sale.
He recognised me, YET he didn't call me!
He then sms-ed me to ask if that was me.
SIR, please do notify me if you see me on the street lah hor.
I am BLIND when it comes to recognising humans, much more someone who I've never seen in real before.

You all, online friends ah, see me call me HOR!

I was so restless by the time we reached the foodfair venue,
I let the crowd lead me in their flow.
I think I kept smiling at all the vendors.
And they kept smiling back.

No, its not cause most of them are males.
Really, its not.
But gotta admit I stole a second glance at this eye catching cutie at the subscription booth.
But so did he okay, so we're on fair ends =P

Mum thinks I'm overly friendly.
Carrie thinks I'm overly polite.
BUT, smiling thank you is SO SO... me?


Right, enough about sales.

Friday at work, I wondered how I withstood all the crap.
Basically its not a good day, neither was it a way too bad one.
Maybe it was one of those below average day, eh?

Crown guys cheered me though.
Funny how outsiders who I hardly know can cheer me up so quickly~
Sherry said I am a blur queen when I was in a blur on which direction would lead me to Esther.
You know, the usual direction idiot I was (even though the level is like, just one whole big loop.)
Those guys actually said never mind, she's pretty.

See lah.

Flattery can get you ANYWHERE!
Flattery can get you nowhere? That is bullshit =P

They said when they see me they cannot help but smile.

But my beautiful stranger didn't come.
Anticipating monday, then!

Since I have no pictures to show ya all...
I decided to show off some of my loot. LOL.
No lah, not show off lah.
I've been shopping way too much lately.
Stop, jelly, stop!
But anyway, that was the bag I got at Robinsons,
and the flats I got in Tampines for like $13. =P

Okay, long entry, long enough.

Practice tomorrow canceled, cause wei had something on.

Let's just say~
I better remember the lyrics soon.

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