Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I'm alone in my office space now.
Basically, Kailin is off for her graduation ceremony today.
So she took off.

So I'm alone.


As for me...
And... don't know. My mind seems to be wandering.
Its bad, cause if it goes on I will get emo lah.

Decided to have lunch alone today.
Maybe pack it up to office or something.
Then watch Youtube.
Having a headache, since yesterday, and yet I can think of such solutions.

But it doesn't take a genius lah.


Had a good time @ Downtown East yesterday with:
Yan, Joel, Kai, Ching, Dine, Peishi & Roman.
We had Dinner @ NewYork2 and to be honest I wasn't really impressed, lah.
I don't really like the noisy ambience.
And I was having my headache, maybe that's why.

Loads of pictures taken while doing crazy things in the Bowling Ally.
But something dumb is that we didn't play bowling.
Cause the reception told us that there are 40-50 people in queue to play.
I'm like WTF.
40-50 or 14-15?

Special thanks to Roman, the sibeirichstranger, for the treat.
Stupid Roman, the bill is like 116bucks lor.
You better watch out.


Can't help but feel... restless these days.
I do get happy and high and all.
But after which, when I'm all alone, I feel, well, all alone.
Its hard not to.
Esp when I just had a fight with Paul again.


Popo, tomorrow will be the 49th day you've left us.
It still doesn't feel real.
Whenever I'm at Bugis, every street, every shortcut, I see you.
I see myself when I'm 2 years old, following you and kor kor around.

In my dreams, you told me that you found your mother.
The mother you've been trying so hard to search for when you're still around.
Hopefully. she will bring you to where all of us really belong to.

I still miss you terribly,
and I still cry when I type all these to you.
But I, and we, will accept it, somehow.

PS. Popo, if you cannot read english ah, get someone to translate for you hor. I too lazy to type in chinese =P


Pictures, loads of them in my phone. Will try to upload and edit asap =)

Updates: Eating with Xinyun =)

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