Sunday, May 11, 2008

Jelly had a great day today.
(Gives a brilliant grin that's supposed to blind all of you)

I was late *whoops* for practice with my wei.
=X Its my fault lah, for being so slow and all.
Surprise! I saw yana on the train!
I was staring..... then uh huh, that's... yana right?

Train ride was a breeze through cause we were chatting and updating each other.
Rushed all the way as soon as I reached Douby.
My wei decided to give me a death sentence for being late T^T.
But since she needs someone to sing after all, I was let off.

Today's session was gooood~

Saw Gabriel on the way to the train station.
Carissa called to tell me she saw us from the bus she was in.
Ignore me.

Ya, met up with my darlings - Charlane & Astrid!
Super happy to see them lah!
I feel so dots can, their english so powerful i so powderful.
I seriously need to speak more english.

We headed to this little place call:

Curry Flavor.

I like the ambiance.
Very lazy, very jazzy and very classy.
Prices are slightly steep, but worthed.
Service is good and loads of choices.

Generally, they serve Japanese Curry, and alot of other Japanese food.

Belly Jelly good.

Mushroom Fried.
Whole mushroom fried, loh.
It was quite good, but not good enough, in my opinion.

Astrid's Cheese Katsu Curry Rice.
Looks good?
Its good.

Charlane's Beef Curry Udon.
I like the Udon!
Its very... very... slippery? LOL.
Its just very nice lah.

And finally, my Stewed Beef Curry.
You know what?
Its Tenderloin beef in medium rare they are using.
The beef is darn good, in the sense that it was compatible with the curry and all.
Rice is of the Japanese sticky rice, looks little, but more than enough.

Oh, its only $16++ for my dish.
Comes with Miso Soup/Salad.

Jeslene cannot live without CHOCOLATE:

Chocolate Brownie with Chocolate Cake with Vanilla Ice Cream with Oreo.
Sprinkled with white and dark chocolate bits.
And chocolate sauce.

I have nothing to comment on this.
Its sinful, but oh-so-irresistible.
If you love chocolate, this is your dessert.

Its a good place to laze about, for a lazy afternoon.
Prices are $14 and above for main courses.
They have so many things on their menu, you'll be spoilt for choices.

Atmosphere wise, its good, really.
Sorta reminds me of Cottage Pies, the lazing part.
But classier, older and more charming.
We managed to get the sofa seats, maybe that's why.

And I can't believe we, three ladies, have out bills totaling up to $91.

Me, and Astrid.

The three of us then headed to Bugis Street for some shopping.
Apparently, Charlane was like, almost the only one shopping.
She said she will never ask me out for shopping again.
I think I myself is a temptation HAHAHA.

I saw I-da (aka su of ISP, dears) in Diva.
She was like welcoooooooome~ Welcoooooooome ahhhhh~
She looked great =)

And we spotted a cuteeeeeee (But short) guy doing surveys.
Charlane was charmed into doing one =P
She dared me to get his number.
But Char dear, you are the one who's in love with him leh.


We went separate ways after that, and I headed home.


I was pretty tired today.
I still am.
I dreamt of my grandmother again.
She looks good in my dreams though.



You know what?
I should stop staying single.
I should go on some dates.

(Jes hands her readers a pack of red dates)

Dates, anyone?

Oie, don't throw bananas at me leh!

Intro me dates leh.
Not red dates hor.

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