Monday, May 26, 2008

Was hungry,
to get my mind off my tummy,
I got this from Xinyun Jie.

Your Personality Is Like Alcohol
You're the life of the party, a total flirt, and probably a pretty big jokester.
Sometimes your behavior gets you in trouble, but you still remain socially acceptable.
You're a pretty bad driver, and you're dancing could also use a little work!

At your best: You are uninhibited, funny, and relaxed.

What people like about being around you: You're friendly, welcoming, and easy to talk to.

What people dislike about being around you: You're a little sloppy and careless.

How addicted people get to you: A fair amount, though they tend to deny it.

Kailin cannot stop nodding her head in agreement.
Its darn true eh, my friends.
I know I'm sloppy, but the thing is I don't do anything to change that.

I'm not a total flirt.
I'm not...



table width=350 align=center border=0 cellspacing=0 cellpadding=2>You Should Play the Guitar
You're very independent - both in spirit and in the way you learn.
You can teach yourself almost anything, even if it makes your fingers bleed.

You're not really the type to sit patiently through a music lesson - or do things by the book.
It's more your style to master the fundamentals and see where they take you.

Highly creative and a bit eclectic, you need a wide range of music to play.
You could emerge as a sensitive songwriter... or a manic rock star.

Your dominant personality characteristic: being rebellious

Your secondary personality characteristic: tenacity

Uh huh.
I self taught myself alot of things.
Keyboard, piano, guitar, violin, cello, on and on.
I don't like tau geis =(


I'm hungryyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

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