Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Eyelash extensions are fab!

It's September this month!

And that meant my birthday is around the corner and due to circumstances I decided against the usual chalet which I used to book for my birthday celebrations.

So with the money I've saved, I decided dolling myself up would be best.

And the thought of eyelash extensions came into my mind.

Yes I'm wearing glasses most of the time - except when I'm swimming or sleeping that is.

I read this article online saying extensions will make ur eyes pop beneath those hateful eye minimizing glasses lol. So yea vain as I am I went to try it.

I became acquaintances with the owner of Milly's through her EXU clothes buffet and twitter. (she's really nice & pretty <3) So when it comes to doing extensions, my brain immediately thought of her, and her chain of beauty palour ( hair extensions, nails and lashes woohoo)

So when sweetest Milly made an appointment for me, I was set to go lalalala!

The process was ok, if only I could stop myself from squinting lol. I couldn't help it, it was my instinct to do so!

45 mins later, I opened my eyes to see a set of fluttery lashes, and I loooooove it.

It felt a bit weird for the first 2 days. I found washing face a hassle lol but after I got used to it, going around makeupless is effortless.

Once my dad even asked me where I'm going when I was sitting in front of the kitchen table and eating my dinner - in my japalang pj before sleep lol.

It's been nearly 2 weeks now, and it's still pretty. I guess I'm addicted uh oh.

And does it really make my eyes pop beneath my glasses? It dooooooes. So no worries should you be like me, a glasses person!

Milly's has two branches, one at far east plaza, the other at bugis street. I did mine at BS!

My friends are pondering to do the extensions now lol. Cause mine are so pretty! When I shop around in BS, my shop sales girls friends will be like I wanna do!

Now I regret not buying the 2nd time for a cheaper price zzz!

Before I sign off, just wanna make a disclaimer:

Milly's doesn't sponsor me in anyway. I paid for the service and I'm impressed with the outcomes-thus the sincere review. And also, not because I knew Milly herself. Sharing is caring after all, right? :)

Wished I could try hair extensions but lol, it's probably impossible!


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