Monday, August 15, 2011

A little something.

Oh hai.

I'm waiting for my colleagues for lunch, so here I am, deciding that writing an entry would mark words down.

The picture explains it.

Okay, well everyone knows I have a BF.
He is very ahbengcoughcough.
He is an orang utan lol.
He speaks vulgarities.
He loves fishes more than he loves me.


Okay well, those are basic facts of him.

Advanced facts are like:

He is very pang-tang - Ring cannot take off at all times lol.
He is actually someone who gives in really easily.
He's really soft hearted, with a soft spot for dogs.

Honestly, I think i've repeated myself numerous times - he and I are total opposites.

In terms of handling issues - He is quick in decisions, I am very reluctant in deciding.
In terms of arguments - He choose to let things die down, I choose to finish it up asap.

He thinks I'm naggy.
I think he's too harsh in everything.

We fight ALL the time. And by that, I mean like at least once a month.
Trust me, more than enough.

But at the end of it all, it still hits me.
I love him like I've never did.
Our arguments are frightening, we spike ourselves and fire at each other.

But somehow, the fights will conclude in bittersweetness.

Actually everyone knows this lah.

And this is an entry to mark his words down.

The day he commented that Lin Zhi Jie is suave on the Bball Court.
And I said, well, you are too.

And he pulled me over, gave me a kiss, and said:

"I will be the best, if I could treat you better."

I smiled.

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