Monday, August 01, 2011

Heart to Heart

Last week was a week of hectic.
Well, for bad stuff.

I came to realise this fact:

You aint close with anyone
you didn't reveal your heart to.
By that, I meant heart-to-heart talks.

Assumptions - they come in bits and pieces.
They can help you, or ruin you.

Sadly, last week, 'Assumptions' won the battle, the bad way.
I used to have this group of friends, whom I named 'Close'.
They consist of ladies from my previous school, and to me, they are precious.

We always hang out together, and though we hardly meet sometimes when life catches up with us, we worked out okay.

But it never did cross our minds... until one day I blasted out.
I saw that the girls went out - without me - to a trip to ubin.
I was shocked, and confused. Cause there were never once they went out without me, unless I couldn't make it, or prefer not to go.

And so I sent a text to one of them.
And the reply I got was that they thought I wouldn't want to come along, because their initial plan was to do a watersport, and I'm not a sports person.

Their assumptions are correct - I AM not a sports person.
But their assumptions on the other hand are wrong - I
AM keen to come.

They didn't think that I would play the sports, but they didn't think that I would enjoy side watching.

Assumptions: Credits to

It was then we realised, there's so many things in these years and years of friendship, were left unsaid and bottled.

If I haven't thought of being honest, perhaps nothing will surface, and we might be peaceful forever - but what for?

So I guess, its good to be true.

On the other hand, I placed my relationship on rocks, fighting with assumptions once again.
I blurted whatever that was in my mind, I just had to speak my mind off.
I was tired, drained of emotions and just wanted to be alone and peaceful.

And then I listened to his side of the story.
And I set my heart down to the ground.

Why let assumptions get the better of you?
Passion and love should, not the other.
It was when he placed his palm on my hair, and told me to stop crying, then my heart went back to place.

All of that after a huge outburst.
I could have flooded his room, totally.

So many things I've discovered, just within week.
Sometimes I think matters of the heart are simple,
but the process of understanding is always twists-and-turns.

Perhaps that's what made it all worthwhile.

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