Friday, June 04, 2010

My Life Is Average:

These few days I've been doing nothing else but:


I was coughing so badly, my dear Peiyun had to get medicine for me.

But those aside, my days were pretty okay (excluding fights with bf as well lol)

Tomato Jellybeans from Carrie <3

It taste goooooooood what.
Another packet yet to be consumed, as well as the bubble gum cause of my irritating cough.

ChompChomp with Kai, Ching & Soon on Thurs evening!
Its actually a before-vacation dinner since among the 4, 3 are going overseas soon.

And that includes yours truly <3

Chicken Wings & Sour Chilli FTW =D

And Satays!
Thanks ah Ching, for the half eaten stick of satay in the background!
Loads of crappy stuff & laughter.

Really, you only realise you have a few good friends after those glory days.

I had a date with BF today =X

I know its been ages since the both of us, just us hang out for a whole day without retreating home cause of the crowd + weather.

We prefer to stay home most of the time and eat/shit/sleep/cuddle.

Baby Lobster in BF's planted tank.
Its probably only 1/3 size of the picture.

My ah beng being very happy with his new cap & shirt.
I can't understand men at all.

But he's happy, so I AM TOO!


Ah, yes we went on a date.

We went....


WHAT, can't a couple go prawning for a date?!
But I enjoy prawning so much!
But today's catches weren't satisfactory.
Small prawns only =(

After a shower at his place,
I went to the station to meet Leaking up (BF went Bballing)
& we @#$%^&*(<3<3=DDDDD all the way back to Tampines.

Dinner at food court, and we saw PeiShi&BuanLian =D
Why this girl always so chio one. Envious.

Short shoppinglooksee after, Leaking and I were attracted to the arcade and thus:

We bowled.
And we Basketballed.

& I'm sad to say, we can't tell both our other halves about our pathetic scores.

Sorry ah, Baby & Raymond.
We don't have your genes.

We spotted a PuriKura Machine & got gaga over it.

Girls are pro like that.

Yes, like that.

Going to Taiwan in less than 2 weeks time!
I'm glad Leaking would be coming to my place to care for my animals at home.

But I'll miss SG probably.
And the humans in SG.
And my BF in SG.
& my fishes.

But hor,
I'll be back in 5 days.
So why I am so naggy?


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