Monday, June 14, 2010

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Another month went by~
And this month is considered very peaceful lol.

Somehow we learnt from our lessons,
to stop before a full blown argument pursues.

After today,
the both of us would be on a very busy schedule.
I'll be away from home, and back to clear all my accumulated work,
and him, the week after I'm back, he'll be on reservist for 2 weeks.

Its a shortened June for us, I guess.

But going strong, and will be staying this way!

And here's a song, by yours truly,
to my Knight in Shining Aluminum Foil lol.
I haven't been recording any songs since zzzz, probably last year.
So pleaaaase don't expect great quality + good vocals
Can't sing much cause I'm still coughing (1 month alrd lor fml)

Its the thought that counts (I think lah lol)

Happy 13th, BF!

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