Monday, June 07, 2010


After a whole week of heading out, I'm finally resting home on a MONDAY.
I love heading out of course!
Other than yawning all over, nothing's ever too bad when I'm out XD

Here's another week's load of updates!

Shopping on Saturday with Wifey and I decided to curl my hair.
It was a really humid day, so we were betting on how long the curls will last with just styling jelly.

It lasted the whole freaking day lol.

In fact, this picture was taken at 5pm in the afternoon after sweaty shopping in Bugis.



I can now tell everyone I ate Arnold's!
Expensive, but delish yumyumyum.

And messy table I know, we were at PRPP.

BF said that whenever I tell him I want a Grouper, he will reel one in.

Indeed yo, indeed.
His four catches were all of different species that day lol.
I'm eating one today muahahahaha.

Wifey's gift to me, after seeing that I really love the pair of earrings.


Since I had no intentions to head out today,
I decided to take my Jap Curry (Instant one lah, from S&B) and some random veggies out.

Onions, minced meat, potatoes & carrots!

Panfry them for a while, then pour water and bring to boil!
Boil on low heat till meat/veggies are tender...

Then just throw the cube of condensed curry in!
It'll melt, and become like this.
Then just stir and stir loh.

Curry Cubes that pretended they are chocs.

It's super tasty yuuuuuuums.

Next time I'll deep fry some ebi & pork chops for sides XD

Actually its just to lure BF to try the curry lah.
He doesn't prefer curry, so must use bribe.

I'm distracting out of blogging so here's an abrupt end.
Taiwan in 9 days time!
Time to pack my makeup stuff!


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