Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Taiwan Trip - Day 1:

We left for the airport 3 hours before our flight,
but it was RAINING!

But well, its okay.
I was hoping it wouldn't be raining in Taipei when I get there though.

Changi Airport is forever so cold.
I was freezing while checking in!

I brought the bear with me to Taipei lol.
Its the Solero Shots bear, if anyone remembers the green lime icy thingie?

The security guard at the Departure gates was like staring at my passport, then at me, then the passport again.

Hello yes I look like THAT 8 years ago.
No wonder my friends say I'm abducted by aliens sometime back and now I'm Jeslene.

Gave BF a call and I boarded the plane.
Honestly I was already homesick by then. LOL!

I was thinking, maybe I wouldn't feel that way if I didn't have a BF, a dog, a tank of fishes and 3 hamsters back at home.


Mum & Dad <3 The plane was delayed slightly, but 5 hours later, at 8pm we arrived at:

TaoYuan Airport =D
Got on a cab, and we were confused by the driver seat.

It was on the left for them, and for Singapore its on the right.
It's the same for the rest of their rules,
like keeping left when they're on the escalators etc whereas us, on the right.

Just now when I was in Tampines one, I stood on the left,
I laughed and told Leaking I stood the Taiwanese way.

We chose Dong Wu Hotel, located in Yan Ping Bei Road.
Its a 3star hotel I think, but the rooms/services are really good.
I wouldn't mind staying here again, for we paid only 600bucks for 4 days I think?

And after we settled down, we went out to get our prepaid cards for calls.

Then after, we took a cab to the ever-so-famous ShiLin Night Market!

One thing I totally love about Taiwan, is their love for dogs.
Dogs are practically EVERYWHERE, yes in the night markets as well!

And they are allowed on trains, buses, shopping malls!

Food market near the night market, where all the good food were!

And here in ShiLin night market, it's where all the good shopping + good snacks were!

Clothes are like super cheap over there!
I have got dresses for 10bucks each, and that I meant quality chiffon stuff where Bugis street would easily price them at 20bucks.

I've got wedges heels for 9bucks XD

I didn't know how much more excited I could be.

One local thing they have there, is their sidewalk shops, aka the Lu Bian Tan 路边摊
It's actually illegal to showcase your goods along the streets,
so the owners of such shops keep track of Police movements.

When they notice something that's no right, whoooooooosh they would be gone in 10 seconds.
Hiding in other shops, and alleys.

Then 1 min later they would be back again lol.

Cheese potatoes, it warmed me XD

Dad wanted squids...

And its really niceeeeeee!

And I spotted something homely at one end of the streets.
A SG flag, and they are selling SG food XD
Supposedly an outlet from Ang Mo Kio.

And well, half of my shopping hauls, not including stuff for friends.


Only blogging about day 1, and I'm like so tired already.
I still have 2 3 4 5?

But honestly, the best comes last, so stay if you wanna read =D

I slept at 4am this morning,
I caught up with Leaking, and she said my dog cried cause he might thought we abandoned him.

I caught up with BF,
and I missed him like madly now.



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