Friday, June 11, 2010

Since my life is as exciting as doing loads of clear-up paperwork in the office,
there wasn't anything good to blog about.

So here's a filler:

My new pets.
Erh, currently the bigger one is called Sky & the smaller one Jes.


Sky always bullies Jes!
I'm considering to separate them.
Jes crabwalks really fast, like a bullet train.
It fell off the bed once and continued crab running and BF had to chase after it.

By the way,
I think the both of them are males.

(I should change names)

And by the way,
they are rainbow crabs.

I always say jokingly to BF that we can bring them back and fry with sambal.


But my friends didn't seem to be joking:

Thanks dears, thanks ah!

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