Friday, June 18, 2010

Counting down 3 days to my return!
I can't wait to be home cause I miss SG so much!

New found respect for people who are studying abroad now.
I can't imagine living my days without my BF, family & friends out of my reach.

*bows to Yan & Ching*

I went to Wu Fen Pu & Taipei 101 today!
Wu Fen Pu is HUGE.
I got lost within all the clothes!

Managed to pick out a shirt for BF, and a same one in white for myself.
Somehow when I'm in Taiwan, I don't get hungry easily.
Maybe I'm well fed with shopping?

We caught Domo & a Doggie plushie in a UFO Plushie Machine yesterday.

Oh, something interesting:

Got stopped by a girl from Taipei University,
they were having a challenge sorta, to take camwhore pictures with 1000 people!
My girl here is really pretty I swear.

Gosh I looked like a prop beside her!
My face looked totally out of shape and hers looked perfectly pretty.


Okays now,
Off to shower & maybe bathtub fun now!

Loads of love!

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