Tuesday, January 11, 2011



Its been quite sometime again, since I've last updated.
And this time I have no other excuses than: LAZINESS.

Right now I'm in the office, killing myself with designing stuff. lol.

And actually I do have some things to update about.
I probably would update soon =)

I think only carrie reads my blog *waves hi to carrie*

Oh there's a blogshop warehouse sale from 13th Jan to 1st feb i think, at Ubi.
If you're interested ask me okay, cause I'll have to search he add again haha.

Why is everyone getting married?

I'm sorta Jealouuuuuuuuus.
When bf told me his sister would be getting married on March,
he asked me when's our turn?

I told him, you havent proposed, when when?
And he said: HELLO this kinda thing cannot let you know.
It should be a surprise.


I better get back to work.

PS: If you haven't realised, this is a filler entry.

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