Monday, January 17, 2011


Feeling glad today so I'm updating haha!
Nowadays this blog is updated at the rate of my emotions.

I might update when I'm extremely sad.
Or hyper,
or happy.

I totally have none of those "today I did this and that" entries anymore!

Though updates are sacred, but I know I probably wouldn't stop blogging.
Reading old entries is like turning back my life line,
its more than just fun to read those archives.

I get to remember how dumb I was, how in love I was, and how foolish I was.
I get to recall how I made those friends who lasted with me till the end.
& now I get to recall how I spent these years with Sky the bf.

(And I have fights evidences written down on my blog for future needs/threatening muhahha)

And I always have this little thought in my mind,
that I want to blog down my entire life right here,
and when I'm old and wrinkly, I'll read through all the posts again.

Okay, enough of my ramblings,
here are some random things happening in my life nao!

Say hi to the new members of my children!
I have 2 more babies in my care from today onwards, yet to be named.
I want to name them Pudding & Jelly, after Taeyeon's WGM nicknames hahaha!

My 3 other adults are doing fine, despite being old.
They are already coming 2 years old and I'm pretty worried honestly.

Was out with BF to beach road this afternoon!

He's holding this Coca cola can from a Korean supermart we passed by.
Its cuuuuuuuute so I told him to take a picture with it,
and he obliged.


Wore my poncho out and boy was I'm glad cause night time when I have to head back home was COLD MAX!

And its not warm on hot weathers either, sweet.

Oh, 2 men stared at me when we were crossing the road,
they didn't just give a blank stare, they looked like they were about to eat me O.o

BF glared back.
Maybe they thought I'm a chicken?
That area has plenty, but ey I've never seen them wearing ponchos leh!

Smile until cannot see my eyes already lah huh?

Been with this guy for nearly 2 years, and despite all the massive wars we're still together.
God knows why, really.
We are TOTAL opposites.

But I enjoy spending time with his family,
chatting with his mum and sharing thoughts on news and etc.

We were sitting together today and I teased BF that to marry me,
he has to prepare the traditional 4 types of gold (aka 4 dian jin: necklace, bangles, earrings, ring)
BF told me to wait long long,
and his mum said "Dong ah, you better go prepare the 4."


And these 2 pictures is to empathize my love for ponchos, which are supposed to be out of season NAO.


I'm done updating.
At least its not a filler entry eh.

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