Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Copied from my Dayre, thought it will be good for me to keep this in my blog as well.

Siglap secondary is going to be merged with Coral secondary. That's the hot topic on my Facebook feed now.

I heave a huge sigh every time I see something related to the merger.

You see, I'm an alumni of Siglap secondary. It wasn't the best school of course. In fact it was transformed from a Malay school to a mixed race school. Hence its one of those rare campus where in a class of 30, I'm one of the 10 Chinese within.
When I was in secondary school, it was those days where Nokia 3310 was monopolizing the mobile market. And unfortunately that also meant a lot of memories were not photographed. No such thing as phone camera.

Many of the activities were well forgotten. After all the human brain can only remember memories for so long. Things such as maths lessons I'm sorry Mr Kek, I can't remember a tiny thing. (But I still love you Cher)
But things outside of lessons (I'm sorry teachers I love you I do but I can't... Remember a thing) were well treasured memories now.


Someone smashed the toilet mirror and blood trickled from the foyer to the general office. We were like "oh blood. Someone's mad." And walked on. #swag

In the concert band, which i was placed in after a music and pitch test taken on the first day of school (yes, they wanted to pick musically inclined kids out) you have to provide air tickets to proof you really couldn't make it for band practice during holidays.

I joined the GuZheng ensemble for the rest of my years and as the Chairman, I had to clear rotten watermelon which melted to a puddle and termites which grow in the GuZheng strings compartment. Please don't ask how. I just did.

It's just really sad now to see this news. Memories do stay, but... Campus gone.

Same for the ITE I attended since they merged all campuses into one at AMK. Sigh.

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