Saturday, December 24, 2005

It's now 7.23am. I was suposed to wake up 630am, cuz work is at 830am. But i only managed to wake up at 7am. Lolz... Today is going to be frantical. Work work work! Jia you! *Although im very very tired now.......*

Yesterday was working also, see, im so occupied with work. =.= Whatever. I was so busy, although I dunnoe why. I just knew we have a order of 210pies, which would be delivered to WS. WS steal our sales~ Lol. I don't know how much the sales on that day. I went off at 3pm. But it's already 7hrs since I started work. Haha. I think we might hit 1000bucks today again.

I went to met yanyan. She couldn't find her keys! So she was late. ~ We went for some shopping for christmas presents. Which reminds me, I really didn't know what to buy for them. And him =.= All must be belated. Lolz. No la. I not so bad. I try at least. Im broke. Yan is so... forgetful. She forgets everything! Like things have never happened to her before =.= She is darn dorts lo, she placed a vcd at my face so near like 2 cm away. ALmost hitmy face that dodo! >_< *what kinda word is dodo... how come i use a bird to decribe yan?! O_O*

Today is Christmas Eve. So people, happy count down! It's going to be christmas so soon!

Lol... And I realised yesterday today is our third month already. all the 24th =.= So erh, happy anni! Yan when's our anni? LOL!

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