Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A complaint letter


Well, just a something to fill up this space, and also to let you guys know what happened to me for the last few days.

I've been bloated and vomitting.

No thanks to food poisoning.

I had this XO Carrot Cake with Tong @ Far East Plaza Basement, C Nai HK Cafe.
The one which took over Gelare, and beside Ramenten & Shintokyo.

Let my email explain lah.

Hi Benny, thank you for your prompt reply.

I patronized the Far East Plaza outlet at around 4~5pm yesterday, March 29th 2011.

I ordered a plate of your XO carrot cake, as recommended by your staff over there.

It was rather disappointing, because the carrot cake cubes were hard. I've been to your east coast outlets before so I knew the taste wasn't the same. The one I had yesterday had a hard crust, making it hard to chew. The taste was bland, I could only taste the chilli flakes. My friend and I left the plate of carrot cake alone after a few pieces consumed.

What really irked me wasn't the taste, but the aftermath that came after.

Around 8pm, our tummies simultaneously started to hurt, and soon after, we vomitted for quite a few times. This repeated quite some times until the next morning.

We can ensure we didn't eat anything else before the meal at your outlet, except breakfast in the morning which should be well digested by 5pm.

Would you please look into this? Not only the taste of the carrot cake is tarnishing your reputation (The ones at east coast was fabulous!), it caused us the mild food poisoning.

Would appreciate if you could give me an explanation on this issue!

And now I'm waiting for a reply.
I stopped vomitting on the day itself, but ended up with a bloated tummy for like two days until now.

But my dear tong, who have gastric probs, threw up for like what, 2 days?!
Never going back to that place again.
I'm pretty glad we didn't finish that plate of food. KILLS.

Waiting for their reply nao!

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