Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Self-Loving Entry

A self loving entry (aka a filler entry)

Just incase I forgot how I looked like hahaha!
Or YOU forgot how I looked like!

CNY at Bestie's place, 1 day before she flew to Aussie again.
You can see my resemblances to the Fortune Cat here.

Candid picture, cause we insisted Eileen must have her legs in the same direction as ours.

My hair is gorgeous. =D
And oh, I PS-ed this pic cause it had my chin-implant-pimple stealing the limelight.


Some webcam madness when Leaking came over...

The 'Dream House' I drew using PS lol.
I told BF we should live in it, and he laughed.

Ey, got dandelions leh.

Random camwhoring pic.


Can't wait for 25th to come!

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