Saturday, July 19, 2008

--------Start of Whining----------

I'm sooooooo tired!
I don't wanna perform on Monday!
Its such an unprepared performance!
I don't waaaaaaaaaant!

-------End of Whining-----------

That's it.
No lah, not the end of the entry.

I was out for a freaking 10 hours - Shopping, with Yan yesterday.
Crazy shoppers we were.
How can we walk for 10 hours?
From Orchard to Suntec to Bugis.
That's what best friends are for, I guess?

I slacked the wholeeeeeee of my Saturday away.
Had a good sleep, then I packed my clothes up cause my mum got furniture for hanging clothes.
So now my pile of clothes are all hung up neatly.
How come I have so many pieces of clothings?

Leaking came to my house to slack a while, and afterwhich we roamed Tampines.
Headed back to my house for more slacking before meeting Tong back at TM.
Oh man, I miss this lady so so much!

Pictures, before my blog look dead.

Fat, I know.

In the lift with leaking =D

Try you... where?!
Seriously this looke VERY wrong.

Pictures Yan sent me, from Kailin's Birthday Celebrations, @ Clinic!

awwww, two couples! LOL.

Got beer?

Group photo!

We ladies believe in Hands On education, Kai lin, you gotta believe us!

You betray my feelings, Yan, I KEW YOU!

But I love Kai Lin too much to kill her.

Yan is very happy to have one around each arm.

I was expecting a message from you know who today actually (not vodemot or how u spell it lah)
But I realised its a SAT!
So its impossible hahaha.

Cheers, hun!

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