Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Yaaaaaaay the performance is finally overrrrrrrrr.
Glad to say it went okay, but still like I said, very unprepared.
My voice locked itself up upon losing its battle with the cold.
Shitty enough, but it wasn't all that bad.

Next performance coming up might be at AMK Hub.

I met up with xuaaaaaaaaaaaaaan,
But very sorry to her that I have to rush off so soon.
So, promised to meet her on Wed again to catch up on SHOPPING.

I know, I'm like patronising Curry Favor soooooo much these days.

Death by Chocoloate heals menses cramps, ya know.

Wei Qi, Eugene & Gabriel.

Lastly, I got myself a new dress, and I'm in love with it, thus this picture.
I actually look curvy for once.
The power of V Necks, oooommmmmmphhh.

Ey, I got wear nude bra hor. HAHAHA.

I'm soooooooo hungry now.

I better go to bed soon, to sleep off the hunger =(

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