Friday, July 11, 2008


MUAHS! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

I went to pay respects to my popo today.
Took a walk around Chinatown before heading home.
I'm darn tired, but I didn't take a nap before the night movie.

I watched Red Cliff!
Its quite good, I've always like the Three Kingdoms, as well as strategy movies.
I love Muo Gong because of the war strategies they came up with too, though it quite a long, boring movie.

I posted Takeshi Kaneshiro's character cause he is SO DARN CUTE inside!
The most humorous, yet most intelligent =D
Just too bad the movie had a Part 2.
And that meant I have to wait again.

But overall this was quite good a movie.
Give it 4/5 =D

Anyway, since I'm so tired, I'll leave ya all with some pictures then I'll head off to shower then sleep.

Orchids blooming at the temple where my popo is resting at.

From yesterday's Hei Sushi!
Gosh, Yan's face!
And Joel, you're like staring at the sushi belt.

You think Yan look pro?
Well, think again HOHOHO.

And a terrible looking me.
I trimmed my hair =D

I'll be heading out tomorrow again.
K box & swimming!

Loves dearies!

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