Saturday, July 12, 2008

I am dropping dead - TIRED!
I went K Box with Leaking in the morning, all the way till 3pm.
Then went swimming after Yan joined us.
Slacked in Downtown for another hour of so after and headed to whitesands.

I feel like a wandering spirit right now.
I wonder how I can manage to sing with this sore throat of mine.
I guess I sing to impress?


Pubbing next tuesday, anyone?
Its Kailin's Birthday!

Tell me all rights?
Ya all have my number =P

Just 2 pictures today:

Check out my tummy, omg, am I preggy?
I was telling yan and leaking just now,
am I pregs?
Look at my tummy!
What if I get pregs?!

I think if I'm pregs my tummy will become hot air balloon.

Then did this for the fun of it.
I think I'm getting fatter.
All the food.
I better go on a diet or something.
Drink only water and eat only replacement meals =D

I am sooooooooo fat!

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