Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I let 4000bucks fly from my hands...

to MDIS.

Belle, I'm officially your junior!
Though not same course lah.

The feeling is sorta sucky, to be back as a student.
My most enjoyed freedom aka do-nothing days shall be gone with the wind really soon.
I don't really like to be treated as a kid.
But I don't like to seem like I'm 25 years old either.
I contradict myself.

So right, I managed to drag the bestie out from her nest to accompany me today.
She went to Storm to trim her hair.
I sat by her side for nearly 2 hours.
They were so slow in getting her hair done, I fell half asleep after flipping through 2 fashion mags.
But the outcome seemed okay... Just couldn't get used to Yan's hair being so neat.

Swept Bugis Street.
That explains my empty wallet as well.

Pictures, overdued and current =)

The Aglio Olio place, that's Nora, and in the mirror you can spot Lee Choo & Kai Lin.

After Yan's hair cut.
Obviously, this is the washroom.

We had our lunch at Cafe Cartel.
Just thought that I haven't been posting pictures of food.

I was trying to camwhore when Yan, being the very very loving hubby she was, passed me a piece of bread.
So dear bread, you get to be camwhored too.

I really think washroom mirrors... very overused. Hoho.

Taken on Sunday.
I love this top.
A bit revealing but its pretty =)

Webcam, Teh Susu and Chao Ta.
Happily ever after.

Like that lor?

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