Thursday, July 10, 2008

Jeslene, BAD!
You've been spending WAAAAAAY too much MONEY!

Nu-Bra, Top, Loose Powder, Mascara, giant Scrunchies, Ring.
All tooooooooooooday!

Played Bowling @ E-Hub with Yan, Joel & Leaking.
Nearly 3 years without touching the bowling ball...
But~ wasn't good at it at all.
Got someone worse than me la,
At least my bowling ball move towards the bowling lane,
Joel's flew backwards to us.
Laughed till my eyeliner smudged.

Leaking's treat =P
She said she's in love with me, and I'm her cup of cocktail.
Not tea leh, cocktail!
Cause I make her feel drunk. Hoho.

I finally headed to MDIS for enrollment.
Yes I guess I'm starting school soon, IF ~ I pass that test thing.
ZAZA! That test easy not?!

Had crazy discussions with Yan/Joel, Leaking/Raymund.
Weirdly, with them, I feel extremely single yet not left out.

I don't want to get attached now.
Not when... my heart belongs to someone else.
I'm just mad. Crazy.
He hurt me so badly, yet now I felt none of those hurt.
I just miss him.
But haiya, I just saw him yesterday.

It was never my want to hurt anyone.
I rejected all those who were trying to get my heart.
I'm sorry, I really am.
I'm sure no one would want a gf whose heart flies to her ex every single time.

Until I meet someone who can touch my heart again...
I'm staying single.
I might fling.
I might.
Until I meet someone who can make me stay loyal.

And things are not helping when the last last ex came into the picture.
Of 3 ex-s I have in my life,
2 are still pondering around.
I might as well be killed.
Must you drive me crazy also?!



Will be visiting my popo tomorrow.
Every time I walk pass the wet market at bugis,
I still get upset.

Movie at night I guess, with the same gang as today, hell boy =)

Gdnites darlings.
I get totally clueless when it comes to love.

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