Monday, July 14, 2008

Can't believe I fell sick right after I announced to Yan and Leaking on Sat: "I feel like I'm gonna fall sick already!"

Even went to NTUC to buy vitamin C to increase the capbility of my immune system.
And now I'm down with a terrible sorethroat as well as a slight flu.
I still super not zi dong lah.
Eat this and that =P

No wonder I'm getting fat.
I'm determined to cut down from wednesday onwards.
Tomorrow... cannot lah.
Kailin's bdae, having a feast =D

It never crossed my mind he would contact me within this two weeks.
Pretty heart racing moment for me this morning.
Although I do understand the purpose of meeting him is to vent his urges.

Oh well.

How willing am I, I wonder.
Pretty much.


I am wheezing, ya know.
Like an old lady.
not woman okay.
Lady sounds so much better =D

Loves, huns.

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