Friday, July 25, 2008

Nothing much to update on actually...
Been pretty moody, as can be judged from my previous entry.
Quite some problems loitering around, and I haven't got over any.

Really don't want to be trapped in this house anymore.
I'm not a little kid.
Just because I was talking on the phone for an important matter at 1.30am, she can scream at me.
And when I talked back as a matter of factly, she said I was shouting.
Can't be more sarcastic.
She just came into my room and scolded me cause I'm still blogging and not sleeping.
Hello, its not even 2am.
Doesn't mean that you sleep at 9pm, I should follow suit.

I'm pretty troubled with that ex-bf also.
He's giving me alot of insecurities.
I rest my case.

I know alot of people been trying to cheer me up.
I'm actually ok, but not that much.
I still can joke around, talk about.
Pretty much the same old Jeslene.

Other than having the headache again, I'm quite okay.
Haven't been taking pictures:

Of Yan playing with Ang Ku Kuey...

And camwhoring while being extremely lazy.
I fell asleep after that. Hahaha.

I think I'm pretty much sex addicted.
Not too good.

Oh, some lesbian added me in msn and asked for web cam fun.
And just recently some guy asked me if I'm up for a fling.

Am I popular, or what?

Ps. Yan, stop stressing yourself! Let the blood flow please!

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