Thursday, August 28, 2008

Someone should put fireworks just for me!
I passed my accounting despite messing up my trading account!
I told almost everyone who asked to put fireworks for me.
I should tell blondie tomorrow, since I whined to him that I failed my accounting test.

So happy!
I'm so easily satisfied.

I got myself a tank top & a dress, and total only cost 21bucks.
Somemore the dress is a present from raymund. Hohohoho.
So basically, my mood is really good lah.
Will get loads of hugs and cuddles tomorrow too, during lunch.
So I'm pretty contented.

Sat will be hanging out with Leaking after 5pm.
Shall run to Liang Court to find nana and kathy.
I'm going to get the small lil laptop. Let's see how much it will cost.

I dropped m phone on the floor (concret floor okay) when I was in the Unicampus.
I almost died right there and then.
My poor phone have scratches now.


I went to partyworld @ shenton way yesterday after lessons.
Hoho~ It was fun!


Vaal baby & me in Unicampus.
Sheesh, her face is soooo small!

International Plaza @ 9.30pm.
Waste electricity leh.

Vaal & I in Party world.

Tomorrow would be an early day for me.
I better remove my make up and head to sleep soon.


Sometimes things are really simple.

its just how you see it.

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