Monday, August 04, 2008

Headache ah....

First day of school today...
Okay lah.
Nice old lecturer teaching us Organization Behavior.
Feels like Mr Foong's style.
But more interesting...

You think Jeslene is very sociable huh?
Okay lah.
Made a friend with this cute lady by the name of vaal.
Very sweet girl, can see she's pretty hyper.
Good, can cheer restless me up.

I between the 3 Hours lesson, there was a 20min break.
We two strolled over to the cathy to grab a snack.
She said we will be loitering around town so much.

Dragged Su De for dinner since he works around Plaza Sing.
I met up with Tong for a while before just shopping around alone.
I'm beginning to like the 'alone' part.
No idea why. Better not get used to it.

Performance today was a biiiiiiggg failure~
Machiam sitcom la, my team.
Crazy humans.
Was a bright bright gooseberry on the train home with Marvin & Gf.

Seeing couples sorta kills.
But somehow or rather, he messaged to ask to see me.
Can't help but feel happy.
I just miss him, though I saw him just last wednesday.

My thursday schedule is a KILLER.
9am till 5pm = Lessons
7.30pm till 10pm = Practice.

I'm sleepy now...


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