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What's wrong with me~?
I have like, three pimples on my forehead!

Anyway, I was out to town with Hui, Leaking and Hiyu Jie.
Spent my early afternoon strolling from City Hall to Raffles Place.
Oh, my sandals decided to dismantle itself.
The gem fell off and I had to buy glue to glue it back.
And the glue stuck itself on me too.
So I went to buy nail polish remover to get it out.

In the end, the gem got loose and fell off, after all my freaking efforts.
Oh well.

Met up with the two other ladies at Somerset station.
Shopping in town is fun when you have your ladies with you.

Got myself a boob tube from F21,
and a pretty halter from Far East.
Got really hungry, so we went to Curry Favor for dinner, since Hui said she wanted to try it out.

Took a bus home from Suntec,
and now I'm rather drained.
These days I wake up earlier than planned,
but get tired quickly.
Been like this for perhaps a month.
Not good.

Pictures, pictures!

Clarke Quay, from Raffles Place.

Perfect sunny day!

Therefore, perfect camwhore opportunity!

Hair looks pretty short here.
Must be my layers =\

The stone seat is piping hot when unsuspecting Jeslene sat on it.
I've got a cooked butt.

The perfect place to shoot a local drama - on this bridge. Haha!

Adoring my hair color haha.

Hiyu Jie & Jelly.

Green, green river...

One Fullerton.

Hui's famous jiao bin!

Brownie for dessert!

My bones are shattering.

All boyfriends of friends, don't keep calling me to ask where's your gf leh.

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