Sunday, August 24, 2008

Its been a year...

Its been a year...
On 24 Aug 2007, I, as one of the finalists in the Hark Student Singing Competition, stood on the the stage and sang Tanya's Wu Di Dong.

I've only realised this yesterday.
And fatefully, Carissa and I met up yesterday to sing,

and realised on the 23rd of 2007, Aaron, carissa and I were in Kbox singing too.

Same location as well.

Still remember one year ago...I received the email from Hark about the competition.
Asked my ladies in ITE if I should join.
All of them said yes, why not.

And i did.

And who knows how I managed to go all the way into the finals?

The nine finalists I've got to know in this competition, some became friends for life.
Music does bring people together.

Never knew time flies so fast...
That just proves that life never waits for you.
You gotta catch up with it.

Though I lost contact with some of the finalists,
I'm still very much close to some of them.

Carissa, Aaron, TatSin, Xue Wei, Daisy...
And of course all the other people I knew in this period of time.
Aftermath of the competition... brought YRYB together.

...And took it away.


But just glad that I've been through that competition...

Made great friends...
And love them still =D
I declare love to Boo, sin, weiwei, alan and my performing team peeps!



One more day...
To 1 year since our break up.
Quite.... memorable.
But grrr, I'm still angry.
Qi si wo le~

Sin stop wanting to drag me to sink in le la!

...I'm a coward when it comes to lightning and thunder.

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