Sunday, August 31, 2008

Good morning~
Its nearly 11am, and I, being the pig I am, just woke up =D
I was on the phone till 3am this morning yesterday, so I'm abit blur now.
*stares at glen*

Its good to be an easily contented person.
Just friends around me and I'll be happy for the whole day.

Recently, there's alot of things that happened to friends around me.
Some couldn't give up.
Some don't know if they should pick things up from the spot.
Some needs serious hugs.
Some needs the police hahaha.

I just hope everything will go smoothly for them.

As for me...
I'm very well loved by my darlings.
For now, this is all I need.

Well, okay!
I was out with KaiLin, Leaking, Raymund & Hiyu Jie yesterday.
I accompanied Kai to HMV to get some CDs for her sister.
Then we walked to Bugis happily under the rain.
Got myself some dresses. (Though I said I will stop, geddit? lol)

Met up with Leaking, and Kai went home.
We headed to Suntec City, to see if this particular shop carries the design of wallet she wanted.
Apprently no.
And I was darn drained and hungry.
So we headed to CURRY FAVOR.

No prizes for guessing who insisted~

Sashayed to Liang Court to visit Nana & Kathy by cab.
Apparently the cab driver stuck a ghostly picture from the movie Shutter on his window on the driver seat, facing outside.
I asked why, then he say, everyone likes to look in when the cab stops somewhere, he has no time to look back so he lets his lil ghostly friend do the job.


Clarke Quay was crowded, as usual.
Loads of pretty lanterns all around!

Headed back by train soon after.
It was already 10pm by then.


I messed up the sequence of pictures, geh.
Anyway, Me & Jie at clarke quay.

While waiting for Hiyu Jie to finish her lil chit chat with that optical shop guy haha.
Love the skirt =D
Leaking say she almost couldn't regconise me cause....
I seldom wear something long -.-
Hello, I'm not that slutty laaaaa.

Before heading out~

Dragon! Me! =D
Btw, all Dragons please beware...

Happy couple.
See they moved so fast, the background so still, they so agile.

Yours truly.

Somehow I can understand how she feels.
To want to give up, yet holding on seems tempting.
Wasn't I in the same situation?

I'm hungry.

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